Balanced Wellness

In this past year, YOU have inspired US! Pelican Hill® is the perfect backdrop to make healthy people healthier. Nestled on over 500 acres of pristine coastal land, this picturesque destination becomes the ideal refuge for people yearning to make a better connection to the world around them. Over the course of this last year, we have been inspired by our guest’s comments of “never wanting this experience to end.” We have seen transformations where human touch and the genuine goodness of gracious service create a profound effect that changes people’s lives.

Fitness and Wellness Classes

Below are current classes offered through The Spa at Pelican Hill and their class descriptions.


Nurture the adventurer within by exploring the beaches of Crystal Cove. Please wear appropriate footwear. Walk departs promptly at 8:30 a.m.

A challenging workout for every fitness level, this total body camp combines cardio drills with strength training to provide the ultimate calorie burn.

Awaken and lengthen the body with a fluid blend of sun salutations.

Total muscle conditioning uses your own body weight and a variety of equipment, such as stability balls, resistance tubes, gliders, steps, Bosu’s and hand weights.

M & M
Designed to overload the muscles with repetitive movements, Cardio Muscles & Motion is a choreographed low-impact cardio class done with light and medium hand weights.

Gentle yoga with props and pranayanama tailors each posture to your physical ability
and emotional tension.

A Challenging fast paced class targeting abdominals and gluteals to sculpt strong, tight and toned muscles.

This class begins and ends by addressing tension in the mind and body and incorporating a flow to create a foundation of balance, improve flexibility and harness strength. This challenging workout can be tailored to suit all levels.

A fluid combination of yoga and foam rollers releases tension from tight muscles.

In this athletic skills and drills workout, speed, agility, plyometrics and coordinated sports specific movements are incorporated to overload targeted muscle groups for maximum muscle strength and endurance.

Relax the body and learn to quiet the mind through restorative yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Muscle conditioning targets core and stabilizer muscles. Strengthen and tone your abs, back and glutes, as well as improve overall posture and balance.

Balanced Wellness Retreats

The Spa at Pelican Hill® offers its year-round Balanced Wellness Program as a customizable “Build Your Own Retreat” format in which time, value and flexibility guide the guest and their specific preferences. The fitness and wellness retreats are built into flexible one-day or two-day programs. Sessions accommodate up to 20 guests. Below is a sample itinerary of a Balanced Wellness Retreat. For more information, please view program details here. To arrange a Balanced Wellness Retreat, please call 855.315.8214.



8:008:30 am: Enjoy a protein smoothie to start your day – Spa Lobby

8:309:30 am: Enjoy 3.5 miles of pristine coastline for the morning’s Crystal Cove Fitness Walk. Guests will climb aboard our coach and be taken to Crystal Cove – Spa lobby 

10:00  – 11:00 am: Dynamic Yoga addressing the cumulative importance of Balance, Flexibility and Strength – Spa Movement Studio

11:30 a.m.12:30 pm: Enjoy lunch with a summer-inspired Ranch-to-Table pre-arranged menu – Coliseum Grill

12:302:00 pm: Resort check-in and time to Rest, Relax and Relish some personal time

2:003:00 pm: Function Stretch Class effectively demonstrating a combination of exercises to complement and reinforce daily expectations on the body – Spa Movement Studio

3:004:30 pm: Discussion on “Accepting, Believing and Being” the three steps to gratitude – Resort Lobby Great Room

4:305:00 pm:  Meditation and Restorative Class to open your mind and your heart and be grateful just for a moment or for an hour – Spa Movement Studio

5:006:00 pm: “Slow Down” Massage – The Spa

6:30 pm: Dinner on your own or in a group if you wish either in the Coliseum Grill or enjoy In-Room Dining


7:15 am: Room delivery of a protein smoothie or a fresh vegetable juice.

8:008:30 am: Sun Salutations and daily intentions of gratitude – Coliseum Pool Deck

8:309:30 am: Enjoy 3.5 miles of pristine coastline for the morning’s Crystal Cove Fitness Walk - Guests will climb aboard our coach and be taken to Crystal Cove – Spa lobby

9:3010:30 am: Smoothie demonstration to learn about the nutritious ingredients in your shake – Coliseum Bar

10:3011:30 am: Cardio Fusion - an exhilarating workout which combines martial arts, multi-planar exercises, and strength conditioning to promote strength, circulation and torch calories – Spa Movement Studio

12:301:30 pm: Enjoy a refreshing lunch at Andrea Ristorante.

2:003:00 pm: Yoga Flow – lift your spirit and infuse the soul as you work to lengthen and strengthen – Spa Movement Studio

3:004:00 pm: Circuit Workout Training – a guided training session geared towards proper utilization of the typical equipment in a modern gym.  Enjoy this perfect guide in order to avoid the common pitfalls of a busy gym and make your workout count to achieve the results you want – Spa Movement Studio

4:005:00 pm: Departure statements and farewells, guests will check out of their rooms.

5:006:00 pm: Amber Gold Signature Massage – The Spa

6:30 pm: Departure meal will be prepared should you wish to enjoy it at The Spa before you leave.