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the secret season

The seasons that belong to the Southern California coast ebb and flow at a leisurely pace.


Summer stretches out from spring, lengthening the days with a warm, round heat before dipping beneath a sea salt dusk. Laughter fills the late evening air; everyone exhales.


Friends in Cabana
Celebration with cake
sea bass dish
Tree on Golf Course
Sunset at Crystal Cove

There is no rush to fall in Newport Coast. Once wrapped in summer’s embrace, the landscape holds onto the long, languid hours of each golden afternoon deep into days that would be considered autumn elsewhere.

This is the secret season.

sunset at the rotunda

Sunset at the villas



It’s these blissful days in the in between that are such an unexpected delight. There is time to play again once more; summer’s encore.


Tree on golf course

Collage of dining


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