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Gently, Softly, Slowly

The swirl of summer swept you up in glorious golden days of sandy strolls and poolside play.


And now, on the edge of a fast-arriving fall, you crave a moment to slow down and tend to the effects of salt and sun on your delicate skin.

How do you hold onto your glow?

You go “dolcemente,” as they say in Italian.

Gently, softly, slowly.


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Gently like the fine powder of pacific grains, coastal herbs, and sea algae that delicately buff your sun-weary skin to reveal a healthy glow during the Coastal Renewal.

After a warm cocoon of blankets and infused linens soothes your muscles, a layer of rich, rosemary-scented shea butter leaves your whole body rejuvenated.


Spa ingredients and tools

Softly like the plush robes that envelope your skin in anticipation of gentle care and the soundless steps taken as you relax into the soothing escape of the lounge. Rousing from the quietude, you make your way softly to the Aqua Colonnade where the warm water reawakens your spirit.

Colonnade Spa

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Slowly like the months that heirloom rose petals and reishi mushrooms spend infusing a Laurel Skin Hydrating Elixir, the featherweight mist delivering pure moisture across your skin. Slowly like the hours that are spent carefully blending and bottling each harvest, transforming the bounty of the earth into the purest, most potent food for your skin.

Laurel Skincare Elixer Product


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Let The Spa at Pelican Hill be your place of calm on the cusp of fall with renowned hospitality and signature treatments like the Coastal Renewal and Laurel Organic Apothecary Facial.



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