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Pelican Hill Golf Club


Discover how a Forecaddie can enhance your golfing experience


          • Forecaddies are better than any GPS/Laser rangefinder, guiding you how to approach the hole, adjust for the change in elevation and save you shots.
          • They assist with pace of play by locating errant shots, raking bunkers, fixing ball marks and replacing divots.
          • A forecaddie enables you to spend quality time with your fellow players and allows you to walk if you choose. You will enjoy the round more.
          • They will tell you if your putt is going to break towards the ocean or the canyon…or both!

Reserve your Forecaddie today with our Reservation staff when booking a tee time (877) 735-4226

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Current Forecaddie Service Fees

Number of Players Forecaddie Fee
1-2 Players $140.00
3 Players $210.00
4 Players $280.00
Recommended Gratuity $50.00 per player, based on level of service.