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Pelican Hill Golf Club

Ocean South Golf Course

Hit Every Shot From a Sweet Spot

Gaze across a landscape of sage and eucalyptus trees at our ocean south golf course as they meet the deep blue sea under a cloudless sky. Next, you see the green and its bright yellow flagstick. Then, you see your playing partners, staring at you – yeah, it’s your shot.

Par 70  |  6,580 yards
Several holes right by ocean’s edge
One-of-a-kind 13th hole features two greens

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Ocean South Course Scorecard

Ocean South At A Glance

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Hole 1

After driving a cart over the iconic classically designed bridge, players start play with an outstanding 443-yard par 4 calling for an aggressive tee shot that challenges the right-side fairway bunker, yielding the best angle for a downhill approach to a very long green. The safe approach is toward the right side of the green.

Ocean South Course Hole 1

Hole 2

Accuracy off the tee is more important than distance on this 353-yard par 4 as any tee shot down the left side will kick towards the center of the fairway. Consider what level the hole is on as you approach this two-tiered green, which is well-guarded on the right by a large bunker. The best strategy is to favor the left side of the green.

Ocean South Course Hole 2

Hole 3

Choose a 3 wood, hybrid or long iron off the tee on this dogleg right 346-yard par 4 and play down the left side of the fairway. This will leave an open shot onto the two-tiered green, which is heavily protected by two front bunkers making proper club selection critical for the approach

Ocean South Course Hole 3

Hole 4

This downhill 142-yard par 3 plays shorter than the yardage due to a significant elevation change and the strong coastal winds at the player’s back. To achieve a reasonable birdie putt on this two-tiered green, club selection is vitally important. More conservative players should favor the left side of the green.

Ocean South Course Hole 4

Hole 5

This exciting 359-yard par 4 provides at least two options. The best line off the tee for the best approach onto the green is to shoot left with a slight fade. Challenging the dogleg with a more aggressive line across the hazard toward the green provides a yardage advantage and should be played with a draw. Note that there is a bunker protecting the front of the green and a sharp drop protecting the back. From the fairway, the ball may be influenced by a slight downhill and a side-hill lie demanding an approach to the left side of the green.

Ocean South Course Hole 5

Hole 6

For the tee shot on this uphill 402-yard par 4, play to the right, as the left side of the fairway is guarded by a bunker. The approach shot to the green is uphill, from a sloped fairway onto an elevated green. Add at least one extra club to your bag for this shot. The green is long and tilts from back to front, so favor hitting long on the approach onto this slick green.

Ocean South Course Hole 6

Hole 7

The tee shot of this 193-yard par 3 is played from an elevated tee-box onto a well-guarded green, with water lurking along the right side and tricky ocean breezes. Account for the wind that may be coming off the ocean. The safest shot is onto the left center of the green.

Ocean South Course Hole 7

Hole 8

Play the tee shot of this 562-yard par 5 down the right side of the fairway to take advantage of the right-to-left slope. The landing area for the approach is well-guarded by bunkers that an aggressive player might challenge when setting up a third shot onto this deep green. Hitting an extra club is wise as the hole is located behind the greenside bunker on the left.

Ocean South Course Hole 8

Hole 9 

An accurate tee shot is important on this challenging 455-yard par 4. The fairway is guarded by a long bunker on the left as well as trees that squeeze approach shots from the right. The green is slightly elevated with multiple tiers and a false front, so use plenty of club to reach the center of the green. Achieving par on this hole is an accomplishment for players of all skill levels.

Ocean South Course Hole 9

Hole 10 

From the tee, the average player will find the fairway opens up slightly on the right side. The approach shot is onto a deep green that is guarded by a bunker on the right side. Favor the left side of the green to allow for a chance at birdie on this very challenging 475-yard par 4.

Ocean South Course Hole 10

Hole 11

The fairway of this 367-yard par 4 is protected by trees and a bunker on the right side, so a tee shot down the left hand side sets up the optimal angle for a shot at the green. When teeing off, the player only sees a white ball soaring in the blue of sky and water, creating a moment of suspense as to where it will land. The approach should be played with a short iron that demands accuracy because the green is well guarded by a complex of dune-like sand bunkers.

Ocean South Course Hole 11

Hole 12

The green of this 159-yard par 3 is protected by bunkers short, right and long. With beautiful Crystal Cove State Beach to the left, consider the wind and favor the right side of this long, multi-tiered green. The hole location will affect club selection even in calm wind conditions.

Ocean South Course Hole 12

Hole 13

Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful coastline view before playing this picturesque hole. This short 131-yard par 3 has two separate greens: check the yardage plates for the left or right green to ensure you’re referencing the correct yardage to the correct green. Precise distance control will reward the player on this hole as both greens are heavily protected by bunkers, and subject to prominent ocean breezes.

Ocean South Course Hole 13

Hole 14

The uphill fairway of this 544-yard par 5 is guarded by trees and bunkers on the right, so a tee shot down the left side is ideal. The uphill second shot to the left or past the next set of bunkers allows for an optimal approach onto this multi-level green. The green undulates from left to right so playing your approach onto the correct plateau affords an opportunity for a birdie.

Ocean South Course Hole 14

Hole 15 

The uphill dogleg right of this 407-yard par 4 requires stamina with each shot and plays longer than the yardage. Play the tee shot aggressively onto the left side of the fairway to allow for the optimal angle onto this very long green. The approach shot is onto a two-tiered, elevated green that is well protected by coastal sage scrub with bunkers on the right and trees to the left. The long green is three-to-four tiers deep, so using plenty of club on the approach is essential to finding the correct tier. Par is an excellent score for players of all skill levels.

Ocean South Course Hole 15

Hole 16 

Follow the spectacular view to this picturesque 219-yard par 3, where an infinity-edge green appears to play to the end of the world. The long green is flanked on both sides by bunkers and slopes from back to front. Check the wind, as there are no trees to block the ocean breeze. We recommend taking an extra club and playing to the center of the green.

Ocean South Course Hole 16

Hole 17 

This challenging 570-yard par 5 requires accuracy off the tee in order to hit into the center of the fairway, which is guarded by a bunker right and trees left. Favor the left side of the fairway for your second shot to set up a better angle onto the green. Consider the most appropriate club and adjust your stance for the lie angle to compensate for the uphill approach. The green is protected by bunkers left and right so distance control is important.

Ocean South Course Hole 17

Hole 18

A challenging finishing hole of 453 yards where achieving par 4 is an excellent score. Deciding how much angle to cut off will determine how precise your tee shot needs to be. More aggressive players will challenge the coastal-sage scrub and bunkers left and right to reach the end of the fairway and set up a short approach to this elevated and multi-tiered green. Your approach shot should favor the left side of the green, which is protected by deep bunkers short right, as well as a left-to-right sloping, slick putting surface. This results in a truly great way to finish your round.

Ocean South Course Hole 18